THE WORK OF Local Farms Fund

Local Farms Fund is a community impact farmland investment fund. Nine Slow Money NY City visionaries and Working Farms Capital, an established leader in managing sustainable agriculture ventures, founded the Fund for our region’s future. Local Farms Fund enables organic farmers to get access to the farms of their dreams and to work towards buying these farms from the Fund.

Local Farms Fund was built out of passion as well as a need to reestablish the commercial viability of small and local farmers as both producers and owners.
— Kevin Egolf, Co-Founder

Since inception, Local Farms Fund has raised money from individuals and family offices to support early stage farmers with land access using a transparent and democratic governance structure. Local Farms Fund is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by Trellis Capital L3C (the successor manager to Working Farms Capital). Trellis Capital L3C is an independent experienced sustainable farmland manager.

LFF Progression.png

The Board is specifically designed and empowered to represent all “Stakeholders” (not only the investors but also the farmers, the farmer’s employees, and those consumers who purchase from the farm). Most notably, one member of the Board will be chosen by the farmer tenants to provide representation for the farmers. Finally, for certain issues the Board will defer to the member investors, at which point each member will have one vote regardless of the member’s investment amount.