What is a Community Impact Farmland Investment?

Impact Investing refers to investments made into companies and funds with the intention to generate beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. Community Investing means making investments in locally-owned businesses or nonprofits that generate good jobs and other economic benefits for one’s town, county, state or region. Local Farms Fund invests directly in farmland using an approach that supports early stage farmers and creates a positive impact in the local community.

Why support Local Farms Fund and your Local Farmer?

The best answer to that question is to hear the story of our first farmer, Timothy Biello.


Investment Highlights

  • Farmer driven investment model reduces risks and costs by starting with talented sustainable farmers

  • Well-structured and intentional leases lead to improved farmer success, and therefore investment success

  • Farmer and farm diversity focused on high growth sustainable and local markets

  • Rooted governing principles support democratic ownership with board oversight

  • Trellis Capital L3C, the Manager, has a successfully track record of farmland impact investments

For more information about Local Farms Fund please contact Kevin Egolf, the Co-Founder and Manager at LFF@localfarmsfund.com.